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the prom
moving forward
the prom here happened last weekend.
i worked the after-party that the city threw
in an effort to keep kids off the street
and out of the bottle;
i ran a blackjack table for most of the night,
then the roulet wheel for all of ten minutes
until i tired of it and returned to the cards,
starting up a leisurely game of poker
until finally the party shut down at 4:30am.
it was fun.
i saw it as a sort of penance.
i went to my prom's after-party,
we had a casinio area too.
i played blackjack and poker all night.
sometimes i won and other times i cheated.
occasionally the dealers would glance away
and i steal big stacks of their play money
from right off the table.
at the end of the night, they tallied my winnings
and told me that i had enough for the big screen television.
but i was sure that, had i accepted,
someone would have pointed out the ludicrousness
and near impossibility of my having won
that much play money in so little time,
so i took the review screener copy of "Being Human",
a dreadful Robin Williams film.
so when the opportunity to run a table in the casion came up,
i said "yah, sure, i'll help out."

Father, 05/04/01

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