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We switched servers yet again, due to a minor issue. My last entry in which I discussed the move has been lost and it's quite possible that none of you ever read it so I will recap.

promography.com has been completely rewritten. It is now back in PHP and uses more (and better) CSS. I haven't bothered to try to validate it, but it's definitely more compliant than it was. Come to think of it, I didn't bother testing it on anything other than Win32/IE6. Ah well. Please report any issues in the comments to this entry.

Email notification of new contributions is back (see link on lower left) and contributors will now be emailed whenever someone comments on a piece of your's (assuming you provided an email address).

Comments are no longer previewed because I was in a hurry. I might restore that if people really care.

That's all I remember right now.

UPDATE : It was pointed out that the longer entries had become truncated. This would not do, obviously. I tracked down the source of the error (an apparent limit on the size of a field that can be returned from an MS Access db within PHP, it seems). Fortunately I still have the old database and managed to rebuilt it in MySQL -- a gruesome process. So anyway, the point is that I think all of the entries should be back in full now.

Also, names no longer link to email addresses. If you want to say something to someone, you'll have to comment. A name like "promography" attracts a lot of spam bots, apparently.
Father, 12/09/03

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