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all mention of bob dylan, his work or anything related to him is not done to rape him of his creativity -- view it as an homage, if you will.

i haven't visited this place in so long
this click clack humming place
and i haven't felt like this in so long
this burning heart downtrodden feel

could you please come back just for a moment
could you please come back just to tell me i'm special?
no one ever tells me that but you
told me that but you
i keep forgetting to use past tense
sometimes i forget you're gone

i want to hear you play ''its all over now, baby blue''
i want to hear it in your growling voice
i want to hear you alive and humming

i want you to hug me
i want to feel your protection
the safety of you

i want to believe you will always be here

even though you never will

i want you to tell me they're all jerks
i want you to tell me that i am special
that i am worthy and good and sweet and kind
i want to feel your faith in me again

i didn't know how much that faith was worth
until it left me cold

i want to prove to the ones who don't think i'm strong
that i am
i want to show the ones who believe in my strength
that they're right
that i can do this
i can live through this
live through life

but i don't know if i can be strong without you
you are the one forcing me to be strong
to be strong on my own

i think i need you to be my iron heart
to take this ache away and replace it with
i can handle
something less suffocating
less crushing

but you're gone
and i know
its all over now, baby blue.
child., 01/17/02

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^comes a time when the blind man takes your hand. says, don't you see? got to make it somehow, on the dreams you still believe. don't give it up, you've got an empty cup...only love can fill.^ ---robert hunter

be safe and well, child. ^all good things in all good time.^ again, robert hunter
justin, 01/20/02

a few words for those mourning

justin, 01/19/02

wow. just wow.
ariana, 01/17/02

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