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I randomly found my first internet flirt-friend/girlfriend o... 07/20/10

Having given up on finding any of my ex-girlfriends, Cacopho... 06/28/08

I no longer have a contingency plan in case of your death. ... 04/08/08

I have turned commenting back on, and fixed a few things. / ... 04/21/07

The last few spams have been almost poetic. So I left them.... 01/23/07

It's a new year, / and nothing's intrinsically different. / It... 01/03/07

Your mother named you "Lane" without telling me. I wanted t... 06/24/06

Comments are disabled for the time being, until I have the t... 03/31/06

You are buried in a tiny fraction of a plot in Maryland. I'... 02/23/06

I added a new little project to the site, "open letters". I... 06/30/04

This site is not grey in support of DJ Danger Mouse's The... 02/24/04

Some of my best writings, / thoughts, and confessions / are he... 01/14/04

We switched servers yet again, due to a minor issue. My las... 12/09/03

I'm a very forgetful person.  Sometimes I forget about this ... 01/23/03

so i'm writing this to you on 07/10/02 / but i'm not going to... 08/02/02

why is should be making more money / ========================... 07/05/02

there was this one time... / / i walked into the room / and as... 05/02/02

i don't really miss you, / but i miss your CDs. / / i didn't d... 01/16/02

i dated this girl once, / briefly. / / she had some mental iss... 12/18/01

/ given it all to do over again... / / / girl, the ... 12/10/01

i watch ``Dawson's Creek`` on the WB. / i started watching th... 11/29/01

     This is a story about a group of people that came toget... 08/17/01

     At the time, our decadence had a sort of renaissance fe... 08/17/01

i have this strange distaste for irrationality. / no, that's ... 07/12/01

not quite a haiku, about elevation / ------------------------... 06/21/01

     Gwen and I used to stake out the lift late at night, af... 05/25/01

the prom here happened last weekend. / i worked the after-par... 05/04/01

yesterday, the engineer climbed down out of the engine, / and... 04/13/01

on Friday, my commuter pulled next to a freight train / which... 04/09/01

i remember sitting in Trent, neutral territory, on the couch... 03/26/01

so i was sitting here, at work, working and stuff / and it gr... 03/20/01

I saw only his forehead (sooty) at first, then quickly his e... 03/13/01

i "made" my own tux for the prom. / i went to the thrift stor... 03/09/01

If I Wasn't Married to the Most Amazing Woman in the World, ... 02/20/01

today, on the bus, a homeless man / spoke to me with whiskey ... 02/01/01

yesterday i found the spot where the hobos hang. / (it's in a... 01/24/01

it's turned chill here, / so out come the wool cap and the gl... 12/28/00

at the time, it felt as though we lived and loved together w... 12/04/00

a memory, recently re-emerged from the haze of my subconscio... 11/20/00

if i had it all to do over again, i would approach my prom r... 11/16/00

it's one of those turning points, a big one. / i'm obligat... 11/06/00

we are, each and every day, attending the prom. / how many m... 10/30/00

i don't think i ever took my wife, cali, walking. / in colleg... 10/30/00

a train stopped in front of me today. / a line of boxcars pau... 10/27/00

some people never attend their prom. / how many is it really,... 10/26/00

the prom is bigger than we are. / it is a tradition that most... 10/26/00

i used to go for walks. / late at night, usually after finish... 10/24/00